Opt-out Academy

While the cost is free, we welcome your donations to offset the cost of building rentals, literature and supplies. If you are opting out, a suggested donation is $20-50 per week of participation in the Opt Out Academy, translating to approximately $4-10 per day.

The Opt Out Academy is a temporary school run by CVPE teachers and parents. It is a safe and educational environment where children can stay during opt out days so that parents can go to work and children will not have any interruptions in their learning.

CVPE supports the Opt Out Movement to promote the power and the promise of public education. CVPE opposes the use of test scores to evaluate teachers and schools and the use of test scores in making promotion decisions for our children. CVPE supports low stakes diagnostic testing as a component of a well-rounded curriculum but opposes high stakes testing. Read more reasons to opt out here.


Who's donating: from Houston, TX donated. Thank you!